Chris Yost

Professor & Canada Research Chair

Department of Biology, University of Regina

Chris Yost is a Professor of Biology and Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Microbes, the Environment and Food Safety. Chris uses molecular tools to study broad questions in environmental microbiology. Through the CRC in Microbes, the Environment, and Food Safety he has developed new molecular tools to quantify specific sources of fecal contamination and quantify the human health risks associated with these sources of fecal pollution. As well, he has established national and international networks of collaborators to advance research to protect Canadian water sources from microbial threats. Chris also uses genetic approaches to study plant-bacterial interactions and in particular genetic interaction networks within legume-rhizobium interactions. Chris’s program relies on IECS’s instrumentation to conduct sensitive molecular analysis of biomolecules in the environment, including use of high definition mass spectrometry and cell imaging equipment. The Yost lab benefits from collaboration with the IECS research specialists.